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Lensbaby 2.0

So, apparently the wedding pictures I took weren’t too horrible because my friends presented me with a very unexpected thank you gift in the form of the most awesome Lensbaby 2.0 (maybe they’re just really nice, awesome people).  I have had it for less than a week & have yet to dedicate sufficient time to fooling around with it but preliminary results are extraordinary.  The only downfall is that I cannot just shoot while driving unless the subject is about two feet away.  Here are some fun early pictures.

DSC_2854 copy

DSC_2859 copy

DSC_2804 copy

DSC_2506 copy

DSC_2220 copy

Below is Anthony, from Binky Bianca.  He is half of the aforementioned couple.  For this shot, I was borrowing a color splash flash that I intend to add to my repertoire as soon as I am done writing this.  For the record, Binky Bianca is one helluvan amazing band.  I have had their song, “Absolute” stuck in my head for months now.

DSC_2127 copy

 Snowball 37 shared Saturday’s bill with Binky Bianca.

DSC_2278 copy

DSC_2356 copy

For more on Lensbaby, Binky Bianca, Binky (whose married to Anthony & thus responsible for making Lensbaby a part of my life), and all other cool artsy things, please visit   I seriously don’t know where this girl finds the time…  I still haven’t posted all my photos from SXSW nor have I really begun the documentary editing process.