Mildly Amusing Musings & Some Photographs

Some Things

I take A LOT of pictures.  How many?  All of them.  Most of them sit on my hard drive for my eyes only, but I am trying to share more.

I love music.

I volunteer at Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ so I take a lot of pictures of animals who need homes.

I like making silly videos & cannot wait to get a better camera so I can douse it in fake blood.

I watch Fox News sometimes because it is funny.

I hate when people misuse “your” & “you’re.”  Your hot what??? Your hot ass?

I really love music.

I would not mind being a race car driver, actress, on field baseball reporter, professional pin up, or a tour photographer.

I have a website that I don’t know how to use:

If you want me to take your picture or if you want to take me on tour with you, please email me:


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