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Reflection in a Cadillac

Reflection in a Cadillac

A simpler black & white might have worked better. Here is a reflection of Asbury Park’s Paramount Convention Hall in the window of a mid 50’s 56? Cadillac limo.


A New Jersey Mile

When I left to take pictures, the sun was brightly shining.  As I got closer to the beach, not so much.  I had to put the top up & I thought about calling it quits until I remembered Pat’s foggy shot & how much I loved it.  This does not compare but I did finally take a picture of strangers without fear of being caught. 


When I was done at the beach, I went to drop off some movies about two miles away.  Half way there, the weather returned to its prior sunny state & I was able to take this:


This is not my cat.  I just happened to notice it sitting there.


After seeing how sunny it was once again, I returned to the beach only to find that it was still gloomy out.  Somewhere in between all of that, I snapped this.  While I do not go to the beach often, I like knowing it is there and I need to see it every now & then.