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1956 Cadillac in Asbury Park


I am guessing on the year.  Please feel free to comment with the correct year if this is not a 1956.  It is a Cadillac & it is beautiful.  It sits in front of the iconic Paramount Theatre & Convention Hall in Asbury Park.


SAPCC # 37 – Symmetric (& why I am not ready to shoot a wedding by myself)

This is late because I was busy editing the mostly disappointing 1250 wedding pictures from last weekend.  The bride & groom only wanted the RAW files but I wanted to know what was there so I banned myself from the internet* for the week.  I learned a few things about shooting weddings:
1.  I am not ready to shoot a wedding by myself.
2.  Having two cameras to use is equal parts too much & not enough.  I had a difficult time making sure they were both set at the right ISO, shutter, etc. & there was no time to switch between lenses or add filters when I needed to. 
3.  I need a wide angle lens.
4.  No matter how many pictures you shoot, you will not shoot enough.
5.  Other people with cameras will always be in your way.
6.  There will always be distracting things in the foreground & background.
7.  Hold the shutter down to take multilples of group shots in the hopes that maybe you will get one in which everyone will have their eyes open & will not have strange looks on their face.
8.  There will not be enough time to get the cool shots that you planned to take.
9.  You best have at least two batteries with the extras charging while you work.  My Nikon battery usually holds a charge for days, but went dead after a few hours.
10.  I need to learn how to manipulate the flash better.  I am lost in rooms with high ceilings.
11.  Capture details!  This is one that I thought was a given.  I started the day strong on this but once the ceremony started, I forgot for a little while & almost missed a shot of the cake.
12.  Mojitos are delicious.
13.  I need to figure out how to photograph people when there is a sunset behind them.  Also, I need to figure out how to photograph people when they are being lit by the gorgeous warm tones of a sunset.  I hate HATE HATE red lighting.  The only cure for it that I have found is converting the pictures to black & white.
14.  I need a better version of Photoshop to take care of some of the aforementioned difficulties.
15.  Don’t bother with the tripod unless you have someone to carry it.  You won’t have time to use it.
16.  I had a lot of fun.

The wedding was held in the most beautiful area of NYC I have ever visited – DUMBO, Brooklyn.  It is set between the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges.  I was unable to swim out to get a shot of the bridge from a symmetric angle, but I present the bridge anyway for “symmetric” because I believe it is probably pretty symmetric. 


My attempts at finding something that photographed as symmetric yielded only two images.  Neither of which wound up being perfectly symmetrical so here is one of them even though I like the bridge better.


The lamps were too hot & tight (that’s what she said) to twist & photoshopping them out made it look boring.

See what punctual SAPCC participants posted:



*I have been watching too much “Tim & Eric Awesome Show – Great Job!”  I almost wrote “innernet” because of the TAEASGJ Cinco product. Ooops.