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Self Portrait in chrome

Self Portrait in chrome

I could have shot this Cadillac all day. Besides my reflection, you can also see Asbury Park’s Paramount Theatre / Convention Hall.
Oh, how I miss chrome.



Self Portrait – Batman in a Scary Motel

Self Portrait - Batman in a Scary Motel

You cannot see it so well but I am wearing Superman underwear with a Batman shirt. Rebel.
The motel was not scary when I took this. It became scary the next night when a police officer pulled us over to tell us about the suspicious activity in our motel. He would not specify what kind of activity nor he would say whether we were safe. We later saw him patrolling the grounds on foot. We locked the doors & din’t leave again until the sun was up.

SAPCC #8 – Self Portrait

My week was comprised of Halloween, post-Halloween slump, pre-election nerves and now… hmmm… a sort of disbelief that it was all a dream. 


None of these are my favorite self portraits.  I was too busy preoccupied to get out a tripod so these are all arm stretched out selfies taken with the hopes that I had the focus sensor pointed in the right place.  My favorite one is probably the one I posted yesterday but that could have been any one of 60+million hands* making a vote.  

My original thought for self portrait week was Halloween so let’s go with it.  I never turn down the opportunity to get dressed in costume.  Having something to hide behind gives me a sense of unrivaled confidence.  People are no longer judging me.  They are judging whatever character I am hiding behind. 



The above shot is technically better but the one I chose as my entry is the following, altered shot.   Hopefully, you have seen “The Dark Knight” and know what I was going for by adding the lame explosions.  I did not intentionally visit a hospital though.  My mom went in for pneumonia the night before Halloween so I wanted to visit her before I went out.  I don’t like the hospital.  I particularly don’t like this hospital.   I have spent too much of the last three and a half years there for her or my dad.  Consider this entry my attempt to blast away the bad memories of that place and embrace the new hope that was ushered in last evening.  


* Actually, since this was the NJ ballot, that number is far less.

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