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Driving into spring…

I would much rather sit and mess around with pictures or watch a movie than take the time to update this so here are some Jan/Feb driving shots mixed with some fixed shots from “the shore.” 

I had a terrible headache the other night & didn’t feel like doing much so I decided to play with some pictures.  This started off as a black & white photo.  I was originally going to just paint color onto the sign. Then, I wanted to paint the car.  Then, I got lost in my head & wound up with this.  I wish my license plate really was a pair of lips.


“Somewhere in the swamps of Jersey…”

It has been a while since I have really written so I should let you know that I have moved on from my days of regularly waiting tables.   I have a slightly more steady flow of income from a job that involves driving around A LOT and informing mortgagers that they need to call the bank.  I get to take pictures of the houses but it is hardly a “photography” gig.  However, I do get to travel the NJ roads least visited or remembered, but most memorable.

Last month, I found this scene near (or in?) Farmingdale & passed it twice in the same week for these alternate views…