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Self Portrait in chrome

Self Portrait in chrome

I could have shot this Cadillac all day. Besides my reflection, you can also see Asbury Park’s Paramount Theatre / Convention Hall.
Oh, how I miss chrome.



Reflection in a Cadillac

Reflection in a Cadillac

A simpler black & white might have worked better. Here is a reflection of Asbury Park’s Paramount Convention Hall in the window of a mid 50’s 56? Cadillac limo.

Flava in Ya Ear – May 15, 2012

I just uploaded my pictures to ADAY.ORG for their worldwide photo project.  The goal was to capture your daily life in ten photos shot on May 15, 2012.  I worked that day but I also had to to take Big Papi to Mini to have his power steering replaced.

My loaner was a 2012 Mini Countryman.  I loved the color & the SiriusXM.  I didn’t have anyone with me to take advantage of the extra roomy backseats but they looked really nice.   There was a sunroof for the front & a moon roof for the rear but I still prefer the full convertible.

Most of the day was grey & rainy & my workload was so spread out that I didn’t have much time during work to shoot anything outside of my route.  Around noon, I decided to take advantage of the loaner Mini’s SiriusXM radio & I started shooting what I was listening to as well as a photo of what was outside at that time.  Syncing the photos to the radio photos was a task I would never complete in a timely fashion & I couldn’t find just ten that worked well for the project.   This made me miss SiriusXM & it also made me want a radio that displayed all the titles of what I listen to.  I suppose an iPod would work too but I liked the idea of selecting from 100+ stations that I didn’t control.  I did take a break from the radio for a little bit to re-take the “There’s A Law” shot I missed last time I had a loaner.

Subsequently, I tested some of the other CDs I had with me to see which would register the song titles.  Besides those few, here is what I listened to May 15 between 11:57am & 6:13pm when I returned the loaner.

I wound up not getting the power steering repaired because they saw my brakes & tires as a bigger safety issue & I just couldn’t afford both.  Big Papi & I are in a very abusive relationship.  Whenever something breaks, I feel like I should sell him & get something cheaper to fix but then I see him & drop his top & our love affair continues…

I really love my expensive, little buddy. His brakes, two tires, a belt and an oil change came to $1100.  The power steering & new related hoses will be in excess of $1500 but they said I can’t damage it anymore than it already is & I can continue to drive him without power steering.  K turns are now Super Triple W turns but otherwise I almost prefer the tighter steering & my arms really could use the workout.  Already the driving muscles I used to have from driving the Dart are coming back.  I wish the Dart would come back too.

SAPCC #24 – Reflect

Has anyone seen the new Pedigree commercial?  It’s the one where dogs are in the shelter looking sad while voice over David Duchovny (sp) says something like, “I can sit, I can play fetch… so why am I here?”  Well, if that’s not reflection, I do not know what is.  When I went to Liberty Humane this weekend, those words kept echoing in my mind.  I will spare you ALL of the pictures & just post this one.  This is James.  He is a pitbull mix available for adoption at Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ.  He is adorable & very sweet. 


This next shot is “backstage” at the Snowball 37 show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.  By backstage, I am referring to the downstairs storage area not a fancy green room with a spread of little bread and oversized cold cuts (“This Is Spinal Tap” anyone?).  I did not stage this shot.  The greathing about always taking pictures is that those around you get used to it eventually and forget you are taking their pictures.  This is David Fagan from Snowball 37 reflecting on his upcoming show.


In my attempts to clear room on my hard drive, I accidentally deleted the RAW file for my entry.  The original photo was supposed to be the food face but when I saw the image on the screen, the reflection of Babe Ruth was so clear that I forgot about the food face.  Babe Ruth was not there & this is not altered.  I tried thinking it looked like Johnny Cash, but it really looks alot more like Babe Ruth.  What do you think?


I was a slacker last week & did not leave comments on all of the other entries.  I apologize.  I have been actively researching SXSW for my upcoming trip & working a bunch. 

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