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Flava in Ya Ear – May 15, 2012

I just uploaded my pictures to ADAY.ORG for their worldwide photo project.  The goal was to capture your daily life in ten photos shot on May 15, 2012.  I worked that day but I also had to to take Big Papi to Mini to have his power steering replaced.

My loaner was a 2012 Mini Countryman.  I loved the color & the SiriusXM.  I didn’t have anyone with me to take advantage of the extra roomy backseats but they looked really nice.   There was a sunroof for the front & a moon roof for the rear but I still prefer the full convertible.

Most of the day was grey & rainy & my workload was so spread out that I didn’t have much time during work to shoot anything outside of my route.  Around noon, I decided to take advantage of the loaner Mini’s SiriusXM radio & I started shooting what I was listening to as well as a photo of what was outside at that time.  Syncing the photos to the radio photos was a task I would never complete in a timely fashion & I couldn’t find just ten that worked well for the project.   This made me miss SiriusXM & it also made me want a radio that displayed all the titles of what I listen to.  I suppose an iPod would work too but I liked the idea of selecting from 100+ stations that I didn’t control.  I did take a break from the radio for a little bit to re-take the “There’s A Law” shot I missed last time I had a loaner.

Subsequently, I tested some of the other CDs I had with me to see which would register the song titles.  Besides those few, here is what I listened to May 15 between 11:57am & 6:13pm when I returned the loaner.

I wound up not getting the power steering repaired because they saw my brakes & tires as a bigger safety issue & I just couldn’t afford both.  Big Papi & I are in a very abusive relationship.  Whenever something breaks, I feel like I should sell him & get something cheaper to fix but then I see him & drop his top & our love affair continues…

I really love my expensive, little buddy. His brakes, two tires, a belt and an oil change came to $1100.  The power steering & new related hoses will be in excess of $1500 but they said I can’t damage it anymore than it already is & I can continue to drive him without power steering.  K turns are now Super Triple W turns but otherwise I almost prefer the tighter steering & my arms really could use the workout.  Already the driving muscles I used to have from driving the Dart are coming back.  I wish the Dart would come back too.


“It’s in the silence, you can hear the same words…” – BEST of 2012

I’m only 17 days late to the new year.   Oops.

Best Albums of 2011 – “Virgins of Menace” – The Disciplines

& “Elsie” – The Horrible Crowes

Best 7″ – BIG STAR With John Davis:  Live Tribute to Alex Chilton – “Don’t Lie to Me”/”In the Street”/”When My Baby’s Beside Me”

The above also represents my proudest photographic accomplishment thus far.  To have one of my photos on the label of such sonic beauty makes me incredibly happy.

My VERY favorite photo of the year –

Boyd Tinsley - By Conni Freestone

In a year that I lost count of all the shows I could not shoot (due to lack of money, credentials or both), being able to shoot Dave Matthews Caravan was an extraordinary experience.   There are shots from the festival that are technically better than this shot of Boyd Tinsley but this one is my favorite.  It was the third night of DMB & they were playing “Seek Up.”  I just happened to be positioned right where Boyd stepped forward.  Looking at this, I can still recall my shaking knees.  I wanted to drop the camera & just dance along to the music and, at the same time, I wanted to make sure the settings accounted for the different lighting downstage.  I wanted that moment to last forever & now it can & that is why I love shooting concerts.

Runners-up for favorite moments &/or photos include:

Jody Stephens drumming "September Gurls"

Watching Jody Stephens drum  “September Gurls” at the Big Star Third show March 26, 2012.   From the balcony, I could see just how the sticks hit the drums & cymbals.  I was mesmerized.  Where was my video camera?!


Snowball 37

September 19 – Snowball 37 & Nick Clemons Band at Sullivan Hall – One of the most fun shows of the year.  This marked the live debut of SB37 with sax & the energy of the show was really high.   This is one of my favorite pictures because James looks like a cartoon eagle.  I love the shadows & absolutely could have cropped it differently, but it is still one of my favorites.  This show also rocked because Binky & Tony were there.


Snowball 37 - Conn!

Snowball 37’s Family (Re)Union Show with five of the six Fagan siblings & one next generation Fagan.  January 21, 2012  They played my favorite part of “Across the Sea” in a Weezer medley.  Ahhhhh…


Nick Clemons - Conni

November 5 –  Nick Clemons Band & Snowball 37 at Tiki Stadium.   Nick has an incredible voice & a band full of talented musicians.  This was another high energy show.  I love both of these bands.

Flaming Lips - Conni Freestone

Shooting the Flaming Lips gave me chills even though it was 85 degrees outside.


November 14 – That is my skirt & Ken Stringfellow’s shoe.  While I am sad to have not seen the Posies as a whole in over a year, it was more than pleasant to be sitting so close as he sang & played.   I do regret not having a camera that can shoot noiselessly over ISO800.  Too much flash was too rude so the actual photos of this show are not the best.    Good thing Ken has a new album coming out.


brian fallon - conni freestone

September 8 – The Horrible Crowes – I couldn’t afford the Gaslight Anthem shows this year & I would have missed this were it not for the great people at The Aquarian Weekly.


jonathan tiersten & david fagan - Conn!

Any time Jonathan Tiersten & David Fagan play together is great.  This particular shot is of their “Under Pressure” duet on September 11.  I chose this show because of JT’s performance of his song “Underbelly” that night.   Just go to the video & let him take you to church (or as much church as you can be taken to when Ayn Rand inspired the song).


My favorite show of 2012

Bruce Springsteen & JT Bowen - Conni Freestone

Twice this year, we found ourselves watching Bruce Springsteen play the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park (for $10 each).  The second time, July 17, was a tribute to Clarence Clemons and featured The Sensational Soul Cruisers with J.T. Bowen (pictured above).   Listening to J.T. Bowen, I was transported to the Memphis of my dreams, especially when he sang “Try A Little Tenderness.”  I wanted to melt right into the floor.   I can’t find video of that song but you can watch this instead.  Forward about halfway through & you can hear “Shake.”*   He absolutely, positively stole the show for me.  His performance alone would have made this my favorite show.  Other reasons this was my favorite – hearing them talk about Asbury in the old days reminded me of my dad, JT Bowen reminded me of my dad (looks, not voice), the music was so damn good, I had my honey with me AND, because of this show we now have another extremely talented, awesome friend.

*Please let me know why you would ever shake a bowl of soup though

“I never dreamed you’d leave in summer. I thought you would go then come back home…”

I do believe that should be the soundtrack for the next ASPCA commercial.  However, I would like them to start encouraging people to volunteer. 

Tropical & I

Anyway, consider yourselves warned… The following are some of my favorites from the last few months at Liberty Humane Society.  If you want to see more of my shelter photos, I made a slideshow of them set to Snowball 37’s “Baby, You’re A Star.”  Click that link or search youtube. 





I printed a larger, color verison of this for the shelter.  Then, I signed it & framed it.  My first work of art?

Here are my two favorites.  The sadness in Monk’s eyes kills me.  He had most likely been a fighter and was unable to be rehabilitated.  I think of this face whenever I hear about dog fights. 

“I thought the cold would leave by summer but my quiet nights will be spent alone…  I never dreamed you’d leave in summer but now I find myself all alone… Why didn’t you stay?” – Stevie Wonder


SAPCC #35 – Comfort

In order to remember the theme each week, I usually think of a song lyric or quote.  This week, for “comfort,” I cannot get “Happiness is a warm gun” out of my head.  I do not own a warm gun & I do not feel like looking for my cap guns because I am sick.  I feel lethargic, quite uncomfortable.  I slept over 12 hours Monday.  While I am often plagued by headaches, tiredness is not something that I will accept.  I have been loading up on the vitamins to no avail.  I am pretty convinced they are bull shit but I keep taking them anyway.   My default subjects for this theme are, of course, my buddies at the animal shelter.  I had other pictures that were better & I hate subjecting the same four or five of you to these heart breaking images, but I really liked the newspaper in the corner of this picture.


Comfort food… French Onion Pot Roast & Mashed Potatoes from IHOP


I went searching for “comfort” yesterday, still with “happiness is a warm gun” stuck in my head.  I skipped out on working because I had the chills.  It was 67 degrees & I was wearing a long sleeved shirt & a sweatshirt AND I didn’t even put the top down. I hate being sick.  Did I mention that?  Anyway, there is a street that runs along the beach through two affluent small towns.  My father used to do the towing for one of them & I would accompany him on wrecker calls.  I saw quite a few stupid drunks crash their Mercedes into poles.  While those images stayed in my memory, the images of the enormous houses forged a deeper image in my mind.  These were old money houses.  When I read “The Great Gatsby,” I imagined them living in houses like this.  When I finally saw the parts of Long Island mentioned in the book, I was not disillusioned.  Those houses had more property, but they had the same ocean worn shingles & timeless multi-level build that I loved to admire.  I would take great comfort in coming from an old money family that summers in a house like this.  I would live there year round though.  CRW_1874 copy

I would take great comfort in knowing this was the view from my uber cute patio. 


Take comfort in these images


Brooks (abroad)




SAPCC #25 – “Face”

Is midnight the deadline? I might just make it.  I was only going to use the face of a shelter cat until I read an email from Pat reminding me to play with my food.  Food… Face…  How was that not my first thought?  I like for my food faces to come naturally so I did not force the issue the way I did a few months ago.  Forced food faces lack the organic happiness of real food faces.  Imagine my delight last evening when I went to place some swiss cheese on my boca burger & voila! I saw eyeballs. 


This next image is inspired by a documentary I watched.  It was called “Contacts Volume 3: Conceptual Photography.”  One of the photographers, John Baldessari, used to be a painter & he did not like that photography was so rectangular with specific print sizes so he started taking panoramics & overlapping them.  These were not quite panoramics but it was a fun idea to play with.  Having photoshop instead of a darkroom, I really wanted to soften the edges of the overlapping image but that was not the technique.  He also puts colored circles over the faces of people in their photographs (reminded me of the Nimrod album cover).


That is Willow the pitbull mix & Miles the cat.  Both are, of course, available at Liberty Humane Society.  Speaking of Miles, he is the subject of this week’s face entry.  I really don’t post these to make people feel sad.  I see so much hope & potential in all of their faces.  It makes me feel good to be able to spend time with them & capture their spirits.  I love them.


Other, more timely entries… in your FACE!






SAPCC #10 – “Time”

All of my “time” pictures were taking a negative spin this week so I will start with the most negative – “Time For A New Job.”  I made $16 last night in four hours at work.  I made $25 the night before.  I am in trouble in a big way.  The worse it gets, the more inclined I am to spend hours playing games on facebook… Geo Challenge, Scramble and how many cool new “friends” can I make.  I have read the job and gig postings on Craigslist and I might just be modeling a cast in a few weeks.  I contemplated selling my eggs but it takes at least six months to get the money and you have to meet with the prospective parents (weird) and even worse, in the future your identity may be revealed to the child.  


My week has not been entirely negative.  I did get the chance to put the top down briefly between the weekend showers.  


I was having major cropping and coloring issues with this next one.     


I was surprised to see these sunflowers still somewhat thriving in November.  It seemed as though their time should have expired weeks ago but here they stood. 



When I first thought of time, I thought of Dali’s clocks and that “time keeps on slipping into the future…” song lyric.  This next image is the result of some liquifying I did.  It is time for me to do many things and I suppose going to sleep before 6am should be one of them. 


Ahhhhh… this week’s entry.  I am going for simple and literal.   If I were to shoot it again I would have placed the second hand near the bottom of the 3 to create a peace sign.