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Monster Black Bean Burger

Monster Black Bean Burger

Monster steals the bun from my Burger 25 Black Bean Pizza Burger. That bun is coated in delicious garlic butter.
Burger 25 in Brick, NJ


Waiting for Godot…

… or waiting for the coffee to brew.  Same thing? 


(C) Conn! conni Freestone

tea pot robot

pill bottle robot on the moon

(C) Conn! conni Freestone

(C) Conn! conni Freestone

robot (C) Conn! conni Freestone

(C) Conn! conni Freestone

(C) Conn! conni Freestone

SAPCC #46 – Justapose/Juxtaposition

1 – Sometimes I have the perfect picture for the challenge & I just don’t execute it properly.  This is one of those.  My friend ordered this dinner at the bowling alley.  I took two shots but it was my turn to bowl so…

DSC_9195 copy

2 – Peas on penne vodka pizza? 


3 – What on earth is a “Technopulp building?”  I hate techno music.

DSC_9381 copy

4 – Alternate view

DSC_9382 copy

5 – Monsters don’t wear glasses?!?!?!

DSC_9386 copy

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