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I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

Tiger took a nap on my lap when I tried to take his photo.



Triple Exposure Flamingo

LL0A0712-2 copyI finally figured out how to get a clean focus on the images from MkIII. Unfortunately, this coincides with my new obsession with multiple exposures & HDR. Too bad I can’t do both at the same time.
Here is a triple exposure with some extra saturation & vibrance courtesy of Lightroom4 (version whichever one just took an hour to download & install).


Self Portrait – Batman in a Scary Motel

Self Portrait - Batman in a Scary Motel

You cannot see it so well but I am wearing Superman underwear with a Batman shirt. Rebel.
The motel was not scary when I took this. It became scary the next night when a police officer pulled us over to tell us about the suspicious activity in our motel. He would not specify what kind of activity nor he would say whether we were safe. We later saw him patrolling the grounds on foot. We locked the doors & din’t leave again until the sun was up.

SAPCC #12 – Grime

I felt the “challenge” this week.  How does one make grime photogenic?  I have no clue but I am sure once I see other posts, I will get some terrific ideas 24 hours too late.  At work there are several broken tiles that produce little geisers of black goo when you step on them in just the right place.  It would make for a fascinating photo and a subsequent visit from the health department.  Maybe when I have another job lined up, I will be able to afford that picture.  After a great deal of tweaking colors and re-cropping, these are the best of grime.  I am lacking in the story department though.  I still don’t feel very well.  I think that weird planet/moon alignment has finally gotten to me.

Almost symmetry but somewhat unstriking.  I was driving into Jersey City when I spotted this truck in front of me.  I unsafely changed lenses and lanes to get behind the truck just in time to take two shots before it turned. 



My dad would be so disappointed in these unkempt rims.  I am embarassed by my laziness.



Here’s the Grimiest Grime for this week.   


Other SAPCC grimers