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I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

Tiger took a nap on my lap when I tried to take his photo.


“I never dreamed you’d leave in summer. I thought you would go then come back home…”

I do believe that should be the soundtrack for the next ASPCA commercial.  However, I would like them to start encouraging people to volunteer. 

Tropical & I

Anyway, consider yourselves warned… The following are some of my favorites from the last few months at Liberty Humane Society.  If you want to see more of my shelter photos, I made a slideshow of them set to Snowball 37’s “Baby, You’re A Star.”  Click that link or search youtube. 





I printed a larger, color verison of this for the shelter.  Then, I signed it & framed it.  My first work of art?

Here are my two favorites.  The sadness in Monk’s eyes kills me.  He had most likely been a fighter and was unable to be rehabilitated.  I think of this face whenever I hear about dog fights. 

“I thought the cold would leave by summer but my quiet nights will be spent alone…  I never dreamed you’d leave in summer but now I find myself all alone… Why didn’t you stay?” – Stevie Wonder


SAPCC #5 Fur

I shall not post late today.  I also shall not be posting a plethora of “fur” options. 

I contemplated different variations of “fur” but the best I came up with was this window in NYC. 

Clothing as fur? Nah…  Ultimately, I think “fur” and I think of some of my favorite subjects.  I give you the father/daughter, brother/sister team of Lil’ Jon & Pants.  While they look very similar when partially blocked by shadows, I assure you Lil’ Jon is three times the size of mutant Pants and, since I have not loaded this post with pictures, I will take a minute to explain their family tree.  A few years ago, I was sitting on the porch at my boyfriend’s and a cat walked up to me.  She wouldn’t leave so we kept her.  Her name is Bullety.  She was pregnant.  She betrothed Lil’ Jon.  Lil’ Jon fathered Pants… making him her father and half brother.  Fascinating.  I know.  Lil’ Jon was promptly fixed. 

That’s Lil’ Jon above and the very similar image below is Pants.  This weekend I learned why some photographers have assistants.  I have a very bad habit of not remembering to change the ISO back to 200 (Nikon’s lowest).  Luckily, these two shots were at 640 and not the 1600 that I have sometimes forgotten to change.  My other problem is that I misplaced my external flash after the show.  It somehow wound up in a bag of cds under the front seat of the car.  Oh well, sun spot beats flash anyway.

Pants hates me.  You can see it in her eyes.  Speaking of which, do you think this image would be stronger if I increased the shadows so her left side is completely shadowed more like the Lil’ Jon one?  OR if I cropped it at half of her face?  I would really value your opinions on that.  What fun is all this if we aren’t learning 🙂  Ok, I am having fun and learning regardless. 

I will link these later

Russ’ “fur”

Michael’s “fur”

Pat’s “fur”

Chris’ “fur”