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Must’ve put a spell on you baby, Must’ve kept on coming back

When I took this picture a year ago, I tried to find out the name of the guitarist/guitar tech on stage.  I eventually forgot to keep looking.  I didn’t make the connection when I heard about The Horrible Crowes, read the liner notes or met Ian Perkins right before the show.  It wasn’t until I was editing my less than stellar shots of the Horrible Crowes show that I realized, & I am about 90% sure, that this photo is my first photo of The Horrible Crowes. 

If you want a review of the show, please pick up the September 28, 2011 issue of The Aquarian Weekly.  Because I am horrible at being objective & putting into words why I like something if I really like it, it took me about seven hours to write.  One hour of that was trying to find out the name of the last song that Brian McGee (the opener) sang.  I left it as the unknown Plow United song.  Then, I started trying to make a comparison between The Horrible Crowes & The Rat Pack but it just didn’t work out right so I cut it.  I also had difficulty expressing just how much I loved Ian Perkins’ guitar.  It is very similar (the same?) as Chris Bell’s that Jon Auer played “I Am The Cosmos” on at the Big Star Levitt Shell show. 

Ian Perkins' Gibson ES-335

The lighting at the show was very low which sets a great tone but make my cameras very noisy.  It didn’t help that the Nikon is stuck at ISO200 (see previous blog) or that I left the better Canon battery (that holds a charge for more than 15 minutes) charging at home.  Also, I had to respect the first three songs photo policy which meant I missed the really cool shots of Brian & Ian.  Next time, I must remember to bring a point & shoot for such instances.  The following are some of my favorites:

Alex Rosamilia playing the Nord.  He also adopted a pitbull from Liberty Humane Society.  This almost makes me happier than the music 🙂

Ian Perkins playing the aforementioned Gibson ES-335.

For more, please visit my flickr & keep an eye on The Aquarian.


Sid Selvidge & Amy Speace @ The Living Room – June 7, 2010

Before Sid & Amy, we caught half of The Farewell Drifters’ set.  They were a really great bluegrass-y band that I’d definitely like to see/hear again.

The Farewell Drifters

Amy Speace & Sid Selvidge

“I always say my thank you’s but I don’t ever ask please…”

Wednesday night, 06.02.10,  our favorite female singer/bass player, Misha, had a show with her band, Grace Beats Karma at The Local 269 on East Houston (NYC).  Missing their drummer, it was just her & Eddy the guitar player.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much we love Misha.  She will be driving herself across the states (again) starting in July.  You should find her on facebook/myspace & go see her or watch her here.

As we were saying our goodbyes after the show, a guy entered the bar wearing a hat that said “Bass Master.”  I told Misha to steal it but we all agreed that he probably meant the bass that swims.

The day before was the only day I worked (for money, at my job) this week.  While that may sound like Heaven to most, such is not the case when there are bills to pay & summer shows to see.  I work much better (for free, on pictures & such) when I don’t have the added wonder of how long I will be able to not have to go back to waiting tables.  Oh, & the day I did work, was at our new lower pay & involved twice as much driving.  That being said, the one day I did work was most interesting & fairly enjoyable.  I spent the first half of the day with the top down, elated to be getting paid to drive around listening to good music.  I also let a small turtle cross the road.

The second half of my day began with me having to put the top up because of a rain shower.  Boooooo!  Then, I got hit by a deer which made me sad. 

While the speed limit on this road is 55mph, I along with four or five other drivers stopped because the deer was running back & forth across the four lanes running into cars!  My first thought was to get my camera out but I didn’t think to change the settings from the earlier sunny day shots and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.  When she came running for my car, I didn’t know whether to move forward, get out & stop her (because I have all those years deer wrangling experience & it was quite possible that her mouth was agape with saliva dripping out because she was perfectly healthy) or just sit there.  I opted to just sit there as she rammed her body across my front fender into my passenger mirror.  I could see that she had many ticks embedded in her neck & she looked really sick, like she wanted me to help her but all I could do was call 911.  My car & I were fine save for some fur (hers not mine) & my broken heart.

My encounters with wildlife continued when I saw a group of three small birds having a gang bang.  Sorry to be blunt, but it was clear what was happening there.   I also saw a chipmunk & a groundhog in the backyard of one of the vacant properties (not having a gang bang).  That was all good.  I like animals of the furry sort.  I do not like snakes though.  The last time I saw one, I went running so quickly that I tripped & broke my camera.  Smart.  Well, I knew that walking through unmown wet grass in the more suburban areas would eventually lead to me seeing a snake & today was my unlucky day.  I don’t remember what color it was.  I just know that it was a snake & it was almost two feet long & I don’t want to talk about it.  After that, there were three separate down pours.  Each occurring after the radio weather people promised they were over.   

Also, one of my favorite record stores was closing when I got there but I did get the missing piece for the drumset (not that I am anywhere near caught up enough to practice).   Oh, I also saw this guy Wednesday on the way to NY.

I didn’t realize someone was in the SUV until I went to get a shot of him from the front & the driver said “What, is there something up there?”  “Yeah, a really cool seagull who keeps peeking in your moon roof.”  I expected him to look but he didn’t.  I would have.  He should have.  Appreciate the little things.  The seagull pooped on his car after that.  He deserved it.

This Saturday, Snowball 37 is playing at Crash Mansion.  You should come see them.  I borrowed an old movie poster to make this flier/flyer.

“I was dancing in a lesbian bar…”

I had three Valentines this year when my honey, two male friends & I went to see Jonathan Richman at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.  I knew very little about him but the lesbian bar song still gets stuck in my head.  He reminds me of a Monty Python character.  It was a fun night & I’ve never had three dates on Valentine’s Day before…

“I’ll never drown my sorrow in the warm glow of your wine…”

I completely forgot to post these pictures from Wanda Jackson’s February 11, 2010 show at The Knitting Factory – Brooklyn. 

I found out about Wanda Jackson in 2007 when we went to TN for the first time.  We were in the Country Music Hall of Fame when I saw her playing “Hard Headed Woman” on the video loop.  I had no idea that any woman was rockin’ like that in the 1950’s.  It is with great pleasure that I must say she still has “it” at 72 years old.  What an amazing show!

The Lustre Kings opened for her & served as her backing band.

Of course, the record sold out before I got one 😦


“My first sin was the fear that made me old…”

At last, here are some more shots from Brian Fallon’s Bowery Ballroom show January 15, 2010.  Brian was awesome despite a crowd of comedians insistent upon interrupting every break in song with their incessant attempts at changing the setlist.  In plain English, there were a lot of assholes who kept shouting song requests.  My favorite was when someone yelled for “We Came To Dance.”  Brian responded by saying, “No, you came to scream [from the balcony]…”  It was a real shame because the stories Brian was telling before & after the songs were pretty special.  Also, while I love a good cover here & there, I really enjoy Brian’s music so the cries for covers were even more obnoxious.  This crowd was horrendous.  I have no idea why they were there.   All I know is that Brian Fallon was a real professional about it & I cannot wait to see/hear him again.  I am eagerly awaiting a new album of songs to keep my radio happy this summer.

With Dave Hause from The Loved Ones

“I dreamed all day ’bout a rock & roll weekend…”

Brian Fallon
Brian Fallon – Bowery Ballroom – 01.15.10

In the spirit of trying to stay up to date, I figured I would post this.  It is the first photo I have edited from 2010’s first rock & roll weekend.  Friday was Brian Fallon, Saturday was Snowball 37 & Tourmaline & tonight* was Dinosaur Jr.  w/ Kurt Vile.

*Yes, Sunday is still tonight for me.  I will be regretting that in 2 1/2 hours when I have to wake up for work.