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Monster Black Bean Burger

Monster Black Bean Burger

Monster steals the bun from my Burger 25 Black Bean Pizza Burger. That bun is coated in delicious garlic butter.
Burger 25 in Brick, NJ



Monster loves the Mets

Monster loves the Mets

This hat was a little big for Monster.
Taken at Mets spring training, March 24, 2013, Port Saint Lucie, Florida.


CRW_8936 copy

That is Monster at Denny’s. He came with me to see Run Robot Saturday night.  Run Robot is a kick ass rock band. This is Mike.  He is the lead singer and is also the bass player for another of my favorite bands, Binky Bianca .

CRW_8897 copy

This is Chet.  He plays guitar for Run Robot & Trick Bag (who I have yet to see live) & he is also one of my favorite photographers.

DSC_5227 copy

They’re both awesome people who I am grateful to count as friends.  A wise, talented, successful musician* recently said to me, “Wow, you really support your friends.”  I responded by telling him that I really love music and am afraid that live music is going to die. Also, I really believe that these friends of mine are incredibly talented.  In most cases, I became their friends after I already was a fan of the music.

Here is Binky from Binky Bianca at Uncle Mike’s on Mischief Night.  Her talents are too many to count.

CRW_8234 copy

This is Crow from The Vile All Stars performing at Don Hill’s on Halloween night. 

CRW_8342 copy

This is Misha at the same show.  While she performed solo on this night, she also has a band – Grace Beats Karma.

CRW_8363 copy

This is Greg from Snowball 37. 

CRW_8428 copy

Regular readers may recognize this as Dave from Snowball 37.

DSC_4955 copy

These are my five favorite bands. 

This is one of my favorite kitties, Bullety.


CRW_8888b copy

*Rivers Cuomo rocks.  Let it be stated here that I cannot get enough of the “Words & dreams & a million screams…” part of “Across The Sea.”  wow.

SAPCC #46 – Justapose/Juxtaposition

1 – Sometimes I have the perfect picture for the challenge & I just don’t execute it properly.  This is one of those.  My friend ordered this dinner at the bowling alley.  I took two shots but it was my turn to bowl so…

DSC_9195 copy

2 – Peas on penne vodka pizza? 


3 – What on earth is a “Technopulp building?”  I hate techno music.

DSC_9381 copy

4 – Alternate view

DSC_9382 copy

5 – Monsters don’t wear glasses?!?!?!

DSC_9386 copy

See the founders of SAPCC:



Monster Goes To The Carnival

Every spring, they set up a carnival in the parking lot of the already over crowded Stop & Shop parking lot.  This year, Monster came along. 

CRW_1748 copy

CRW_1818 copy

The Monsters Are Coming!!!


This month’s SAPCC challenge is “monsters.”  Sully (pictured above) is an outtake of my monster shots.  I am in the process of arranging them & will probably upload them tomorrow. 

Speaking of monsters, your child is not cute.  It is not at all adorable to let it scream in the middle of a restaurant.  It is not precious that it likes to throw food, crayons, silverware, ketchup or anything else on the floor.  Also, if your child cannot yet speak, do not expect me to be able to translate whatever the heck it is saying to me.  Furthermore, do not force your child to say “please” when you are completely incapable of doing the same.  Thank you 🙂