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“I’ll close my eyes & listen to you read the story…”

I keep not finishing any of the SXSW posts that I start writing because I am too lazy to upload the photos for the third time (they’re already on facebook & flickr) SO I am just going to post a bunch of highlights, starting with my most favorite moment.

During the BLURT Magazine/ Dogfish Head IPA party at The Ginger Man on Friday, March 16, 2012 at SXSW…

This is Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellow playing/singing “Solar Sister” about five feet away from me.   I am not able to post my own video of this event because someone (me) was screaming a bit too loudly.  I get excited. I can’t help it, especially when I’m in an open space & may have consumed a few glasses of wine.  You can see a great video of it here & be sure to listen up for a special name change in the middle.  When I heard it live, I thought it was just my imagination.  Actually, this whole night was nearly out of my imagination.

Earlier in the evening, Ken started his set with my most favorite of his songs, “Any Love (Cassandra et Lune)” & also played my second favorite, “One Morning” as well as a boatload of great new songs whose titles I don’t know.

Mmmmm… Gretsch.  I love Gretsch.

I have continued my trend of being too close to get good shots.  Luckily, I have great memories despite having a crappy memory.  I shot this with my newly acquired Sony Mavica CD-400.   When we stopped in Delaware on the way to Texas, my brother gave me it because he wasn’t using it anymore.  I had previously had the 300, 400 & 500.  As my dad upgraded, I would get the old one.  I would then find a way to crack the LCD screen.  One time it was because someone said they saw a snake & I fell while running away.  Motherfuckin’ snakes.   Unfortunately, we weren’t in any one place long enough to charge the batteries fully so I didn’t shoot too much with this.

This was also our first time seeing Jon Auer solo.  His “Burn & Shine” medley was particularly exceptional.  He didn’t break any strings though. This might be the first time we’ve seen him play & not break a string.

His open hand was begging for a glowing orb.

I know driving to Texas isn’t free, but did I mention this was a free show?  It was AND there was more greatness to follow when Jody Stephens joined in for some rollicking Big Star songs.

Many special guests came out, including some of the great “Third” singers/players, John Doe, the guy from Blitzen Trapper, Ian Moore & Peter Buck from R.E.M.  I kept thinking Peter Buck looked like Bill Murray so I couldn’t say hello because I kept laughing, expecting him to start reciting “Groundhog’s Day” lines (because I am sure that is what the real Bill Murray does when he isn’t loading Tia Carrere’s band van).

I should start taking notes of set lists or get a new battery for my video camera so I can at least have a poor recording to reference.  Suffice it to say that this only fed my frenzy of adoration for these guys.  Every time we see them together, I fear it will be the last time & I don’t ever want that to be the case.  I do want the next show to be somewhere where it is ok to dance though.  The sitters behind me weren’t too keen on my desire to dance to “September Gurls.”  I hate sitting down almost as much as I hate being quiet.

These guys are the greatest.  Induct them into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame now please (& don’t forget John Fry).


Big Papi – The end of my love affair with my Mini?

I wrote this in February after having the Mini serviced.  I forgot to post it apparently.  Ooops.

My dad was the manager of a body shop.  He worked there for 44 years 8am-5pm, staying later & working weekends on his own restorations.  The first restoration I remember was the 1941 Dodge.  We met Cousin Brucie & The Duprees in that car.  I thought that was a big deal.  The next one was one of my favorites, a 1957 Nash Metropolitan

 followed by my “Blue Hawaii” MG. 

From there, the cars got smaller & stranger – BMW Isettas, a King Midget, a Messerschmitt, et. al.   When he got sick, he liquidated his collection to pay his medical bills.  He also took some of the cash to buy a Mini.  In October of 2005, he bought an ’05 Mini Cooper convertible.  When he died, my family convinced me that he had bought it with me in mind.  It took a few months, but I eventually caved in & began driving it regularly, leaving my ailing Sebring on the sidelines.  Fresh off a trip to the World Baseball Classic, I named him Big Papi.  

Once I got over my fear of breaking him, I dreamt of driving him to exotic places, cruising Route 66 with the top down, taking part in an entire Mini Takes the States Tour… Ahhh,a new car… Based on my previous habits of driving already worn cars into the ground, I figured I had a good 100,000 worry free miles.  Such was not the case.  Every 10,000 miles, I have had to have the CVT transmission reset because it doesn’t kick into the next gear.  When it happens, I feel like I am in “Speed.”      I can drive up to 48mph or over 65mph.  Anything in between comes really close to the redline.  This wasn’t as much of a problem when I was under warranty but I’m at 70K miles now.  The increased RPMs make the engine hotter causing me to have the thermostat replaced in October.   Long story short, I was told that the demise of my transmission is imminent & my best bet would be to trade him in.  For what?  I don’t want any part of a different Mini.  I have never not had a convertible, but a bigger vehicle would be better for hauling band equipment since mom’s PT Cuiser has surpassed 80,000 miles.  A car payment would severely impede on my desires to get a new video camera & upgrade other equipment.   AND, this says nothing of the fact that Big Papi represents all of the blood, sweat & tears that were the cars that were sold for so much less than they were worth in order to buy him.  Do I take my chances & keep driving him, hoping that the transmission won’t leave me stranded somewhere?  Or do I take him to some shady dealership where they will give me $5000?  Mini Cooper, I am so disappointed that you were not even remotely serious when you said “Let’s Motor.”  For $25,000, I would expect a car to last longer than 70,000 miles.  There are almost 29 pages of similar & worse complaints on consumer affairs & it is quite obvious that almost every one of them is from someone who loves their Mini as much if not more than I do.  I am sad.  I am also going to have to deal with my brother saying “I told you so” because he told me last year that I would not be able to afford the maintenance.

So, I just surpassed 78,000 miles & I feel the transmission starting to slip again but we had a really great day yesterday.  We drove back roads of NJ that I never knew existed.  Long stretches of tree canopied, narrow, sloping roads and long straight paths bordered by farms.   Top down, good music playing…  The hot sun made cool by the breezes… THAT’s driving 🙂

SAPCC #41 – Risk

I didn’t find the theme until Monday so I didn’t shoot for the theme this week and I am late.  Luckily, I had our bulldog friend, Reggie, visiting.  As he was sleeping on the couch, I took one look at him (maybe a few looks) & ran downstairs to get my camera before he moved.  I am at RISK of falling in love with him 🙂  Clever, huh?  Not so much.  It is a bit of a stretch so before I show you those, I do have this photo of an oddly ripped apart sidewalk in Jersey City.  I only took this because I thought it was so weird how the tree grew around the sidewalk that was torn up.  I took a few pictures but I think I would have framed it better had I been shooting with a purpose.  My bad.  It still might be a risk to walk there.  After all*, there is Caution tape & that signifies risk, right?

1. (I am numbering them now so that it is easier to reference them)


In addition for being at risk of falling in love with a dog I cannot have, every week I am at risk of falling madly in love with the animals at Liberty Humane Society that I could have (if only I lived on a farm & had millions of unused dollars). 

2.  This is Riff Raff.  He developed a bad eye infection that left both of his eyes with red scabs on them.  Luckily, the scabs are dissipating but they are still trying to figure out how much of his vision he may have lost.  Because he cannot see that well, I gave him this shiny ball because it makes a noise like plastic bags crinkling & some cats really love that.  Riff Raff loved it indeed.


3.  This little guy is Deli.  He too has some ocular issues but as you can see, they don’t hold him back. 


4. Reggie in color


5. Reggie in black & white


*Has “after all” always been two words?  I really thought it was one… “afterall” or “Afterall,”   With a capital A & a comma, it looks correct. Hmmm…

And then there were three 😦