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I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

Tiger took a nap on my lap when I tried to take his photo.


Duchess of Earl…

It has been a while since I posted anything, let alone pictures of some of the fine animals at Liberty Humane Society.  In light of news that one of my favorite dogs has been adopted, tonight seems like a good night to share…

This is Big Star.  She was just adopted after being at the shelter since late March.  Her new name will be Duchess & she will be sharing a home with a boxer named Duke (& probably some people). 

Here are some of my other favorites from October.  Most of them have been adopted but there are plenty more who still need homes.  I promise.




Mr. Pryor


Snow Drop & her mom, Smoochie, came in very sick.  When I first took their photos a month ago, I thought for sure that they may not make it.  So, while this first photo may not be the best quality, it reminds me of the moment I saw them again, looking so much better. 




For more photos of adoptable cats & dogs in any area, please visit  If you are in the Jersey City area, please find Liberty Humane Society’s facebook page to view more photos.  Even if you cannot adopt, there are many great events & volunteer opportunities, as well as a donation wish list.  Don’t throw out your old blankets & towels, bring them to your shelter!

“I never dreamed you’d leave in summer. I thought you would go then come back home…”

I do believe that should be the soundtrack for the next ASPCA commercial.  However, I would like them to start encouraging people to volunteer. 

Tropical & I

Anyway, consider yourselves warned… The following are some of my favorites from the last few months at Liberty Humane Society.  If you want to see more of my shelter photos, I made a slideshow of them set to Snowball 37’s “Baby, You’re A Star.”  Click that link or search youtube. 





I printed a larger, color verison of this for the shelter.  Then, I signed it & framed it.  My first work of art?

Here are my two favorites.  The sadness in Monk’s eyes kills me.  He had most likely been a fighter and was unable to be rehabilitated.  I think of this face whenever I hear about dog fights. 

“I thought the cold would leave by summer but my quiet nights will be spent alone…  I never dreamed you’d leave in summer but now I find myself all alone… Why didn’t you stay?” – Stevie Wonder


I am addicted to Bejeweled Blast


So, I have a million things I should be doing but I don’t feel well so rather than going to bed I keep trying to make it to the top of the Bejeweled Leader board.  That’s all.

CRW_6620 copy

By the way, this is Destro.  You can come meet him at Bark In The Park this Sunday at Liberty State Park in  Jersey City, NJ.  Bring your dog. All proceeds go to Liberty Humane Society and help furry guys like this. 

CRW_6968destro copy

If cats are more your thing, stop on by to meet this guy.  He is too young for adoption right now but he may just be the cutest kitten in the world… ever.

CRW_7023 copy

SAPCC #42 – Product

I have been waiting for a theme like this for about 35 weeks. I have always wanted to try my hand at making a plain backdrop & shooting a product in an ad-like format.  Unfortunately, some things happened that prevented me from taking the time to do that so, instead, I used my foster kitten, Billie Jean Mays, to help me out this week. 




All three shots were actually taken with the Nikon.  The Canon’s “Error 99” has been occuring so frequently that I am ready to give up on it. 

These guys were on time:



SAPCC #41 – Risk

I didn’t find the theme until Monday so I didn’t shoot for the theme this week and I am late.  Luckily, I had our bulldog friend, Reggie, visiting.  As he was sleeping on the couch, I took one look at him (maybe a few looks) & ran downstairs to get my camera before he moved.  I am at RISK of falling in love with him 🙂  Clever, huh?  Not so much.  It is a bit of a stretch so before I show you those, I do have this photo of an oddly ripped apart sidewalk in Jersey City.  I only took this because I thought it was so weird how the tree grew around the sidewalk that was torn up.  I took a few pictures but I think I would have framed it better had I been shooting with a purpose.  My bad.  It still might be a risk to walk there.  After all*, there is Caution tape & that signifies risk, right?

1. (I am numbering them now so that it is easier to reference them)


In addition for being at risk of falling in love with a dog I cannot have, every week I am at risk of falling madly in love with the animals at Liberty Humane Society that I could have (if only I lived on a farm & had millions of unused dollars). 

2.  This is Riff Raff.  He developed a bad eye infection that left both of his eyes with red scabs on them.  Luckily, the scabs are dissipating but they are still trying to figure out how much of his vision he may have lost.  Because he cannot see that well, I gave him this shiny ball because it makes a noise like plastic bags crinkling & some cats really love that.  Riff Raff loved it indeed.


3.  This little guy is Deli.  He too has some ocular issues but as you can see, they don’t hold him back. 


4. Reggie in color


5. Reggie in black & white


*Has “after all” always been two words?  I really thought it was one… “afterall” or “Afterall,”   With a capital A & a comma, it looks correct. Hmmm…

And then there were three 😦



Sequel to “Obstructed”

How did I wind up with “ps” in front of my real post for this week when that is what I would have called this right here?  I know I am not a great typist & I am often too lazy to spellcheck things, but isn’t that something I should notice hanging out in front of a title?  Weird but not as weird as the other arc… Actually, this one is not nearly as cool as the blue arc.  I only noticed it when I was editing this, but if you look right below the round window, there is a subtle rainbow arc.  This shot was #3651 & the blue arc was #3654 but the two in between show no signs of apparitions.  As for the image itself, I made the same outdoors mistake that I often make with the 50mm lens, I leave it at 1.8 even though I am then shooting at 1/2000 shutter speed when I could have shot at 5.6 or something & had more of a chance at a crisp image.  I should Brother P TOuch a note on the camera 🙂

CRW_3651 ghostcopy

When I firstmoved to the front of the stage, I actually settled upon the spot behind the camera lift because there was not a camera person there so the lift was down & the clearing in the crowd seemed like a good way to shoot over some heads without an elbow &/or umbrella from in front of me knocking me in the eyeball. (walk in NY in the rain & you will hate umbrellas too)… Anyway, once that lift came up, I took the other images.  During the course of that time, the girl next to me received a foam guitar from The Today Show.  When I thought it said DMB, I wanted one.  When I realized it was a Toyota ad, not so much.  Anyway, once she got it, she was very happy to have one of the foam penises.  This is not the best representation of it because, at the time, I didn’t want to change back to the regular Nikon lens.  Eventually, I stopped caring about switching lenses in the rain 🙂  So, there’s the penis & one of the good shots I managed to get with the 300mm.  Me & this other girl were taking turns balancine on the metal “horses” to shoot above the crowd.  She was somewhat smaller than me & didn’t have a broken heel on her boot.  I was afraid I was going to bust my skull open, but thispicture made it worthwhile.  It is not nearly as good as if Iwere closer but I believe that one day I will shoot that band.

CRW_3312 copyDSC_5836 copy

Here is an obstructed shot from the shelter that I found after I posted. 


I don’t know Russ. I think the kitten is cuter here 🙂