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Hood Ornament

Hood Ornament

The hood ornament – such a tiny automotive embellishment, such a big difference between this Ford and any of the modern, generic cars, trucks & SUV’s on the road today.



There is a new Ford commercial that states, “Ford is equal to Toyota in quality.”  Am I wrong in thinking Ford should be trying to be better than Toyota or is Toyota the apex of quality when it comes to cars? featured an article today about the Motel 6 hotels being glammed up to include flat screen tv’s, wood-looking floors, WI-FI and Ikea-looking furniture.  What surprised me most about this brief article was the insistance that flat screen tv’s are an element of class not associated with a cheaper hotel chain.  Maybe five years ago, I would have believed this but not today.  Reasonably priced flat screens are everywhere and I still don’t want one.  My big, fat tube tv works just fine.  Promise.

There are over five billion images uploaded to photobucket.  Quantity over quality.