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A New Jersey Hour

I dropped off my 1.8 lens at Canon Friday for repair.  Despite receiving the wrong directions when I clicked “directions to” from their website, I had a very nice drive.  I was able to see some of the farmland area where my dad grew up.  It was quite sad to see how little was still there and how much more was in the process of becoming a part of one of the next great out of business shopping meccas.  In addition to being able to put Big Papi’s top down, the E Street Radio signal was coming in clear… all the makings of a perfect day, especially when they played “Growin’ Up,” “My Hometown” and “The Last Carnival” back to back to back.  I will admit that I may have had some blurry eyes when I took these.




The first two are Route 33, the third is Periner?? Road.  They are all west of Freehold & south of Jamesburg.

An hour away (in distance, not necessarily my actual time), is the famous Pizzaland from “The Sopranos” opening sequence.  I may have stopped there once a few years ago but I think the sign is more famous than the pizza. 


Proceeding on Route 7 into Jersey City, there is this bridge that I captured in last week’s SAPCC blanketed by a sunset.  Recent discussion of how much photoshop is too much led me to wonder if I had tweaked the levels too much.  However, once I caught a glimpse of this bridge in my rear view, I think I need to adjust the colors to create an even more beautiful representation of what I saw. 


Curses on that brown eyesore sign.  Maybe I should burn it out.


I just loved the bold colors of this Rims, Tires & DVDS store.  It fit with the hard lines & big contrast of the city mouse pictures.