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I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

Tiger took a nap on my lap when I tried to take his photo.


SAPCC #26 – Miniature

While I did take a few pictures when it was warm enough to put Big Papi’s top down, they didn’t shout Mini or miniature.*  I did, however, find this Linus toy in my honey’s basement.  His brother customized it with a glove hat, paper clip chains, & even a pair of Fruit of the Looms.  While he may not be a “miniature” Linus since Linus is a comic strip character whose size has not been determined in three dimensions, I considered his status as a doll his qualification for this entry.


Last week, I stopped at The Dollar Tree looking for cheap trinkets to use as promotional materials at sxsw.  That was unsuccessful but I did find “Ginormous Body Parts.”  I was unhappy with the initial photos I shot of me wearing the ginormous nose & ginormous lips until I came across the mother load of Rockstar at Big Lots.  Usually Big Lots carries many cheap generic energy drinks & weird flavors of Rock Star or Monster.  My preference is the full sugar regular black can of Rockstar.  It must have been my lucky day because I found ten 32oz cans of it for $10.  Amazing deal when you consider I was going to load up for my trip by purchasing the 16oz cans at Hess where they are on sale 2/$3.  I know, I know.  They are pure sugar & completely terrible but besides water & Wawa’s Lemonade Iced Tea, it is the only thing I like to drink.  Unfortunately, the ginormity of the can was not turning out in my pictures & I was too lazy to stack the ten of them up.   Instead, I combined the lips, nose & Rockstar to make this.  Massive size.


I will miss the deadlines for the next two SAPCCs because I am going to sxsw next week.  We are driving so that accounts for the following missed deadline.  1700 miles takes a day or so even for this road warrior.   Besides writing & taking pictures for Pop Rock Candy Mountain, I will be visiting Austin’s animal shelter.   Speaking of which, I know the “miniature” theme did not lend me a clear chance to share the shelter animals this week, but here is one anyway because I entered a contest to win a Dream Photo Assignment and I need more people to vote for me.  You have to go to the site & “pic” my “50 States of Dogs & Cats In Shelters” idea.  Once you click on “pic,” they make you register & confirm before you can actually vote.  If anyone could spare three minutes to do this, I would be most appreciative.  Also, this gives all of you an opportunity to submit your own ideas.  You can only vote once but you can “pic” as many ideas as you like.  Currently there is an idea similar to mine in the top ten.  I do not know where/how else to promote this so please help me help dogs like Holly find a home.


*Big Papi hit 50,000 miles Friday.


Also, the Nikon reached another 10,000 last week while Canon passed another 10,000 this weekend.  Milsestones everywhere.

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