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1956 Cadillac in Asbury Park


I am guessing on the year.  Please feel free to comment with the correct year if this is not a 1956.  It is a Cadillac & it is beautiful.  It sits in front of the iconic Paramount Theatre & Convention Hall in Asbury Park.



Self Portrait in chrome

Self Portrait in chrome

I could have shot this Cadillac all day. Besides my reflection, you can also see Asbury Park’s Paramount Theatre / Convention Hall.
Oh, how I miss chrome.


Reflection in a Cadillac

Reflection in a Cadillac

A simpler black & white might have worked better. Here is a reflection of Asbury Park’s Paramount Convention Hall in the window of a mid 50’s 56? Cadillac limo.

March 16 – Graceland

I didn’t think my second trip to Graceland would warrant the same response as the first, but I will admit that as we pulled into the parking lot, a little tear welled up in my eye & slid on down my cheek.  I really love Graceland.  The tour of the mansion was technically a little less cool because they had one of the back rooms closed off & the rest was the same as it was two years ago, but two of the other exhibits were different, so we were able to see Private Elvis (his military years) & more about his movie career (which included some great “Blue Hawaii” items).


This is the living room.  It is probably my second favorite room, next to the jungle room that does not photograph well.  I am pretty sure that the Beatles & Elvis played on that piano.


One of the many awesome jumpsuits.


The fountain near the gravesite. 


One of the many great photos of Elvis in the service.


The car museum is a bitter sweet part of the visit for me.  I love old cars with all of my heart, but the reason I love them is because my dad used to restore them & we would frequently go to car shows.  He worked wonders on all sorts of rust buckets & weird little cars.  One of the cars he restored was a 1961 MGA very similar to the one Elvis drove in “Blue Hawaii.”   When I see it in the museum, all I want to do is call him & tell him how much better ours looks.  I would also tell him that we need to teach the Graceland staff how to clean whitewall tires (see pink Cadillac below).  It makes me sad that he never got to see Graceland, but proud of the treasure in my garage.


My MG (well, this one was Elvis’ – they let him keep it after the movie).


There is no excuse for such yellow white walls on such a beautiful car.

I love this picture of my honey…


… because it reminded me of the expression Elvis is making here.



The tail fins of a ?1959 -1961? Cadillac.  My favorite kind.  Unfortunately, it was just the back end of the car.


This picture is technically from our last visit.  One of the last stops in the mansion tour is the raquetball building where they found Elvis.  I suppose this may have been the court area at one time.  It now houses the platinum records and many posthumous awards Elvis’ music received.  If you were not convinced of his legacy prior to this part of the tour, I do not see how you could leave this area & not reflect on who Elvis was & what he became.