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1956 Cadillac in Asbury Park


I am guessing on the year.  Please feel free to comment with the correct year if this is not a 1956.  It is a Cadillac & it is beautiful.  It sits in front of the iconic Paramount Theatre & Convention Hall in Asbury Park.


SAPCC #45 -Shine

I am running late because I went out looking for a better picture.  Eh.  I also found a new thing on photoshop – lighting effects 🙂  I can now sort of make a vignette effect.  The only bad thing is that it overexposes some of the light areas.  I am still learning & I only have Elements so I am stuck with what I can & cannot do.

1- This is inside a Martin acoustic guitar.  I liked the shiny label but it was really hard to take this the way I would have liked.  I wanted the outside of the guitar to be more visible. 

CRW_4725 copy

2- This is my gorgeous niece, Kaylee.  I am back on my semi-desaturated kick.  I tried this in full color & black & white but thought her eyes only really popped (shined) in this one.   

DSC_8968 copy

3- This is the only shiny picture from my post-work drive.  I am not overly fond of it.  I like the blur & the colors but it isn’t as crisp as I would like it.  I also should have gotten closer. 

DSC_9181 copy

4 – My only shine picture that contains something shiny – silver teeth & a silver tattoo.  The original version is on facebook, but for this one I played with the lighting.  I think the original is better because the overexposure at the bottom and the darkness on the top are really bothering me.  I do like the dark corners though. 

DSC_8988 copy

Who else shines?