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I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

I finally got back into Liberty Humane Society to see my kitties

Tiger took a nap on my lap when I tried to take his photo.


Duchess of Earl…

It has been a while since I posted anything, let alone pictures of some of the fine animals at Liberty Humane Society.  In light of news that one of my favorite dogs has been adopted, tonight seems like a good night to share…

This is Big Star.  She was just adopted after being at the shelter since late March.  Her new name will be Duchess & she will be sharing a home with a boxer named Duke (& probably some people). 

Here are some of my other favorites from October.  Most of them have been adopted but there are plenty more who still need homes.  I promise.




Mr. Pryor


Snow Drop & her mom, Smoochie, came in very sick.  When I first took their photos a month ago, I thought for sure that they may not make it.  So, while this first photo may not be the best quality, it reminds me of the moment I saw them again, looking so much better. 




For more photos of adoptable cats & dogs in any area, please visit  If you are in the Jersey City area, please find Liberty Humane Society’s facebook page to view more photos.  Even if you cannot adopt, there are many great events & volunteer opportunities, as well as a donation wish list.  Don’t throw out your old blankets & towels, bring them to your shelter!