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1956 Cadillac in Asbury Park


I am guessing on the year.  Please feel free to comment with the correct year if this is not a 1956.  It is a Cadillac & it is beautiful.  It sits in front of the iconic Paramount Theatre & Convention Hall in Asbury Park.


The Messerschmitt

While looking through a book about how cars and music evolved in pop culture, I found this article that Elvis wrote.  The writing is probably too small to read so I shall summarize the pertinent information.  After Elvis bought his first three Cadillacs, he bought a Messerschmitt.  If it’s the one in the pictureabove, then it is just like the one I helped my dad restore (the picture below).  It has three wheels and gets about 50mpg.  There were four speeds in forward and reverse.  Once, while driving it around the block, a bird died from flying into the clear glass dome.   When I was about 14, I had my friends Pete & Jodie over while my parents were out.  We drank some of whatever nasty liquor was hiding under the bar in our rec room and got a little tipsy.  We then went out to the garage to see my dad’s cars.  The three of us climbed into the Messerschmitt.  There is a front seat for one and a back seat that fits two friendly people.  The door is the glass domed roof so once you get in, you have to pull it over yourselves.  In our giddiness, we managed to get ourselves stuck in there until a neighbor stopped by and the panic of being discovered as “drunk” set in and I remembered how to get out.  It was just one of the fun little cars my dad and I restored. 


***Update*** On the not very good documentary “Elvis’ Memphis,” the guy from Lansky Brothers Clothing (where Elvis bought his pink suits and popped collars before that was bro-riffic) said that Elvis gave him the Messerschmitt.  Lansky drove it for a little while then packed it in a box in his garage.  He said it was still there (ca. 2006?).  I wonder if it is.